Commercial Auto Insurance

commercial auto insurance

Weber Insurance offers commercial auto insurance and services for just about any type of commercial vehicle you or your company might use, including, heavy equipment, trucks, tow trucks, and business automobiles such as taxi cabs and limousines, airport shuttles and yes, even corporate and private aircraft insurance.

Best of all, we can help you customize your commercial insurance policy to meet the specific needs required by your business.

Let us know about any of your commercial truck insurance, commercial automobile insurance, or other types of commercial vehicle coverages you need. Weber Insurance in Prescott, Arizona offers a wide variety of protections for almost any drivers, business types and vehicle models and use.

Commercial Truck Insurance Coverages

Are you a trucker? If so, you have specialized insurance needs. We can cover your Motor Truck Cargo Insurance which protects the cargo you’re hauling for your motor carrier. It covers your liability for cargo that is lost or damaged due to causes such as fire, collision, or striking of a load. If your load is accidentally dumped on a roadway or waterway (Removal Expenses coverage), our coverage pays for the cost to remove debris or extract pollutants caused by the debris.

Then too, we can help you with your non-trucking liability insurance which provides coverage for your truck in case you cause an accident while you are using your vehicle for non-business or personal use, when you aren’t driving under dispatch.

Tow Truck Insurance Coverages

We insure tow trucks as well with hook towing insurance to pay to repair or replace a vehicle you don’t own if it is damaged while you are towing or hauling it.

Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability coverage is another tow truck insurance coverage designed for business owners who offer towing at service stations or operate a storage lot. It provides protection for a customer’s vehicle when you are keeping it at a covered location for parking or storing, or to perform service.

Business Auto Insurance Coverages

There are also special commercial auto insurance coverages to protect your business automobiles. If you are an individual or sole proprietor and you have a vehicle on your policy that you use for personal or non-business use, the Individual Named Insured Endorsement is automatically included. It provides protection when you are driving a vehicle that you do not own or will protect your spouse or relatives who live with you if they are driving a vehicle that you don’t own.

If you ever drive vehicles that you do not own for your business, then you should choose one of the Non-Owned Auto Vehicle Liability insurance coverages: Employers’ Non-Ownership insurance, which protects your business when employees drive their own vehicles for a business purpose or Hired Auto insurance, which protects you in other situations when you drive a vehicle you don’t own.

Dump Truck Insurance

Weber Insurance can discuss insuring your standard dump trucks, transfer dump trucks, gravel trucks, 6 or 10 wheeler dumps, super dump trucks or other specialized dumpers.

As a dump truck operator, you’ll need to purchase Liability Insurance and Physical Damage Coverage to protect your dump truck in case you get into an accident. If you work on a for-hire basis, you’ll also want to consider purchasing Motor Truck Cargo insurance to protect the dirt, sand, gravel, stones, or other similar items you may be hauling in your dump truck.

When you purchase dump truck insurance, you’re also getting coverage for the equipment you use to protect your loads — like tarps and covers. To make sure you have the best protection for your dump truck, consider purchasing Rental Reimbursement with Downtime coverage, which assists with rental costs and even locating a replacement vehicle in case you get into an accident and aren’t able to use your dump truck.

Weber Insurance offers Commercial Auto Insurance coverage. See our Contact page to phone or email us