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FamilyHomeowner insurance is critical to your security, mortgage requirements and of course, peace of mind.

With Weber Insurance of Prescott, Arizona, you can protect your home, your possession and maintain liability protection, just in case. Home owner insurance protection is an important aspect of home ownership. In fact, purchasing and maintaining homeowners insurance is not only wise, it is required by your mortgage lender.

Protecting your home and its contents, both inside and out, is something Weber Insurance can provide. Best of all, we can comparison shop all the rates for you! We can find the best coverages at prices we know are competitive.

If you already know what kind of home insurance policy you need, get a homeowners insurance quote today.

What is homeowners insurance anyway?

Homeowners insurance is specialized coverage that will compensates you if and when you experience damages to your home or, in case you experience that loss of any of your valuables. It can also provide protection if someone is injured on your premises.

If you are a homeowner, it is critical that you secure and maintain a homeowner insurance policy tailored to your needs. Homeowner insurance gives you peace of mind and adds a level of security for your investment. After all, few assets are as valuable as one’s home…therefore, protect it by asking Weber Insurance how.

Your new homeowner insurance policy will provide protection if you are unexpectedly found legally liable for injuries on your property. The homeowner insurance policy also provides coverage for losses caused by fire, theft, storms and other types of exposure outlined in your policy terms.

How do I Select the Right Insurance Company for my Homeowner Insurance anyway?

At Weber Insurance we know that insurance companies offer different insurance coverages for homeowners. This makes it critical that you select a homeowner insurance policy with right coverages that can meet the needs you have.

A standard homeowners insurance policy will typically protect you from the following issues:

  • The physical structure of your home
  • Structures on your property (sheds, pools, boat and RV garages, etc.)
  • Personal property and belongings, up to specified and customizable limits
  • Liability or legal responsibility for an injury and property damage other people and family
  • Injuries to pets while inside your home
  • Additional living expenses if you are temporarily unable to live in your home.

In addition, your homeowners insurance policy can include “optional coverages” for an additional fee which might include:

  • Higher limits of liability for property damage or bodily injury
  • Replacement cost for personal property
  • Protection for valuables (jewelry, watches, fur, fire arms, etc.)
  • Additional coverage for electronics or computer equipment.

Weber Insurance Prescott, AZ Homeowners Insurance QuoteWeber Insurance makes finding and selecting the best homeowners insurance policy as easy as a phone call.

You may want to record an inventory of what you own and discuss the appropriate level of coverage you desire.

Once we know your coverage needs and levels, we will match you to the best homeowners insurance companies so that you can choose a policy that’s right for you.