Life Insurance


At Weber’s Insurance we are strong believers in appropriate life insurance coverages. Most importantly, we adhere to the premise that life insurance is a customized solution that meets the specific and future needs of an individual or family based upon a set of known facts and expectations.

There are many questions that should be asked and answered. such as:

  • Who is the primary insured
  • What is the objective of the insurance
  • What does the insurance do for the beneficiary
  • What are the long term costs
  • How will the product deliver solutions
  • Is the insurance business related or personal

Life insurance comes in many forms and performs under a variety of circumstances. If you plan to insure a new born child, that requires an entirely different analysis than insuring a key person in a business or putting a plan in place for Dad or Mom.

Here’s some advice about life insurance from Susan Orman.

Of course, Weber Insurance can help you work through the questions and find your appropriate answers about life insurance investments.

Weber’s Insurance can help you study, select and activate the best health care coverage for your particular situation. Ask us how or, if you prefer, call us toll free at 928.445.8762.