What Will My Medicare Insurance Cost?

Medicare can be confusing and many of our Prescott, Arizona Medicare insurance clients confirm this fact. The costs of Medicare can be equally daunting. The following video is a great explanation of Medicare costs. Ask us about your medicare needs.

The U.S. government has predicted that final payments to private health insurers for 2015 private Medicare Advantage plans would rise 0.4 percent for the average plan compared with a proposed cut of 1.9 percent. During a news briefing, the health agency said that costs for Medicare health services continued to drop and that it now expected a decline of 3.4 percent versus the 1.9 percent on which it initially based its payments. In addition, the agency said that it would delay other changes to risk adjustments and for requiring home health assessments, which will effectively lessen the cuts to insurers.


What is Medicare and What are its Parts?

Medicare is health insurance offered by the federal government to most people who are 65 and older and to some younger people with disabilities.

Medicare offers four types of insurance, Part A, B, C and D, as follows:

MEDICARE PART A. Everyone who signs up for Medicare automatically receives Medicare Part A insurance. Part A is hospital insurance and it covers your hospital bills.

Insured seniorsHow is Medicare Part A paid for? Actually, you or your spouse have been paying for Part A all along through Medicare taxes. Therefore, most people who apply for Medicare will not pay a monthly premium.

Your Medicare Part A will hospital services your receive as an inpatient such as, an overnight stay for the hospital room, your meals, and the nursing services you receive. In addition, Medicare Part A will cover hospice and home health care services.

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MEDICARE PART B. Medicare Part B is medical insurance designed to help pay for your doctor bills. Part B is optional and you can choose whether enrollment is right for you based upon other factors. You will pay a monthly premium for Part B.

Medicare Part B will covers inpatient and outpatient care you receive at your doctor’s office, a hospital or other health care facility. In addition, Medicare Part B covers required laboratory tests, physical therapy, rehabilitation services and ambulance services.

MEDICARE PART C. Medicare Part C is called Medicare Advantage and it adds more specific types of coverage to your overall Medicare Insurance. It includes private care plans that include medical savings accounts, managed care plans and even private fee-based plans.
Download the free brochure Medicare and You – 2014.

MEDICARE PART D. Medicare Part D (“D” stands for “Drugs”) is insurance that has to do with prescription drug coverage. Everyone who is Medicare eligible may obtain Medicare Part D coverage. Like Part B and Part C, Medicare Part D is optional for all participants. There is a monthly premium for Medicare Part D.

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