Renters Insurance

renters_insuranceFinally, you have rented a fantastic new place, close to work and play.

You have added some new furniture and appliances, including the new 65-inch plasma television set. Your daughter’s new bedroom set is scheduled for deliver tomorrow.

Now it is time to consider investing in some additional peace of mind…renter’s insurance. There are some important considerations regarding renter’s insurance.

  • What types of coverage can I get?
  • How much is the cost?
  • Will it cover my valuables such as jewelry and firearms?
  • Am I covered if I travel or am on vacation?

These are just a few considerations involved in purchasing renter’s insurance. You will be surprised at the affordability and coverages you can obtain.

Although your landlord has insurance on the property, the policy does not cover any of your personal belongings if stolen or damaged by water leaking from your neighbor’s overflowing toilet or, even a kitchen fire, theft and vandalism.

Renters insurance will protect you from losses associated with your personal belongings and even in those situation where you can be legally responsible for injuries to another person or guest when they are visiting your home.