RV Insurance

RV in Mountains

RVing is a fairly new phenomenon as millions of people have invested in recreational vehicles of all sizes, shapes and varieties and taken to the roads for a special weekend or holiday get-a-way.

Weber-Insurance helps you select the best coverage for your recreational vehicle and helps design a policy with a balance of “right now” and “right for the future.” That’s why Weber Insurance offers you the flexibility to customize your RV insurance.

What does this Mean to You, the Recreation Vehicle Owner?

It means determining the correct coverages, deductible and services that makes sense for you, while considering the type of recreational vehicle you are insuring, the type of usage, your family and financial situation.

Weber Insurance is ready and qualified to help you determine the right RV insurance coverages you require.

How Do I Start the RV Insurance Process of Selecting RV Coverage?

The best time to start is, of course, before you purchase your recreational vehicle. RVs can require expensive repairs. If you leased or financed an RV the purchase may require paying back the bank or leasing company in the event of a total loss occur.

When you have an expensive recreational vehicle or repairs are particularly expensive, consider higher levels of liability coverage to accommodate these higher costs.

Other factors can have an impact of insurance costs such as whether your vehicle has a lot of custom features and equipment that can result in expensive repairs. The value of your RV will be reflected in your insurance costs in the event of damage, theft or other types of potential claims.

Talk to Weber Insurance in Prescott, Arizona about “Optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage.” This coverage can replace your RV with a comparable new RV. Ask about the difference in cost between replacement and depreciated coverages. Having the Optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage will protects you from depreciated value, saving your thousands of dollars in replacement cost.

Consider medical payment coverage as a part of your insurance policy. This will cover you if someone is injured as a result of being in or around your RV.

There are many things to discuss about your recreational vehicle insurance policy. Contact Weber Insurance in Prescott, Arizona for advice.

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